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About R. Christian Minson

01smilecrop2.jpg R. Christian Minson is founder of Breathflow Wellness, and a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (CTBF) taught directly by Judith Kravitz, Founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation. Christian spent 10 years prior as a monk in a meditative order, which focused on the breath in their daily meditation practices. He has received many compliments on the balanced, nurturing male energy he brings to the session and the sense of safety he imparts to his clients. His zeal for sharing the techniques of personal transformation through the breath can only be rivaled by the passion for his own journey of continual evolution towards deeper and more joyous integration of the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual dimensions of Life.

Christian currently lives in Encinitas, CA (North San Diego County) where he facilitates private breathing sessions and gives group workshops on Transformational Breathing. He also travels to meet the needs of individuals, having given sessions and workshops in Colorado, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Northern California, and Mexico. He would love to make your destination next!

Contact R. Christian Minson by email at, visit his website at, or leave a comment on this blog. Breathe Joy!


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