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Yoga Alignment

Yoga class inspired me today! The theme was “Trust” and as such we got into a lot of poses where we had to trust ourselves, and others where we had to trust a partner. I had a particularly awesome breakthrough with SuptaVirasana, Reclining Hero pose, having to trust my capabilities as I went beyond the limits of how deep I have been able to go in the past.

By starting at my knees and being super-attentive to the engagement of my muscles all the way up my quads, I was able to transfer the bulk of the effort to my legs, which allowed the lower back to be free and relaxed (in contrast to the intense compression I usually experience there). I was able to get my head to the floor and rest there comfortably until it was time to come up (normally I would be tweaking my lower back and holding out as long as I could before aborting and coming out of the pose early!). I really believe in the power of proper body alignment as the foundation of being able to go deeper into a pose more comfortably. Then harnessing the rhythm of the breath to regroup and secure the muscular tension on the inhale and then let myself expand and sink a little deeper into the pose on the exhale. Doing this a number of times, i find I can go deep into a pose that at first I could only barely stretch into. Have any yoga tricks of your own?


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