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Blissfully Transformed

This is a forum for people to express and share and keep the “community” alive as you reenter into your daily lives as a transformed person. Sometime reentry requires some support of those who understand. I invite you to create that understanding here.

Enter memories, support, calls for help, ideas how to make this work better…

I am off  to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (!) so I wanted to get this up ASAP. This is not officially the TBF website or blog. It is actually my blog, which if you will explore further hasn’t been used in many years…Maybe this will “breathe’ some life back into it.

Inhale life! -Christian Aphrodite Minson

PS. Express your inner Goddess!


Comments on: "Sierra Hot Springs Lives On…." (8)

  1. Joni Loftin said:

    Hi, Aphrodite!! Thanks for keeping all of our hearts united together. I agree…support is so crucial at this time during the integration process.


    Joni (a.k.a. The Goddess, Green Tara)

  2. Hi everyone,
    As suggested by Christian here is the link to our pics from this awesome week:



  3. Just finishing a wonderful weekend in Switzerland , it is amazing what can happen in a weekend event.
    I am hoping to see you all again soon. I will check the blog regularly and be available for your questions and comments. love and hugs, Judi

  4. Herve Glon said:

    Hello dear fellow breathers!

    In this letter, I wish to bring your attention to an aspect of the work we do with transformational breathing which we may not be aware of, although it is quite significant, as you are about to read. It is the impact it has on everyone else around us. We are all connected, aren’t we? So, when I breathe, I breathe for me, but I also breathe for you! What affects me affects all. I remember Inez saying that in one of her sessions she experienced everyone breathing the same breath. There was only one breath!

    Two weeks ago we were holding our first breath session at Sierraville. I told a few of you that my 13 year old son Sébastien came in the room with us. Not in body of course, but very present in spirit. He was crying bitterly, expressing his deep loneliness. He lives with his mom, goes to school. Both are very good and dedicated, and want to make sure that he ‘gets a good education’. But Sébastien has little interest in school. He is a beautiful old soul, who knows that there is so much more to life than understanding the square root of pi, or knowing all about the history of Christopher Columbus’ grandmother. He feels compressed, not allowed to connect with his true aspirations, sandwiched between well-meaning people who want the best for him but do not understand what his soul wants and needs. What they want him to learn has little to do with what he came on earth to experience. Although blessed with a brilliant mind, he barely gets passing grades, to the laments, menaces and interminable exhortations of all those surrounding him. When he tells me that he wants to go explore those deep old caves in Mexico, or swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas; when he explains with grand theories that for instance hemp is a far better choice to make paper, I hear a soul who longs to be free to explore and experience and create as it so desired when it came into this physical life; how can I tell him then to go do his math homework? (I don’t. I can’t. And that gets me into my fair share of trouble sometimes too…!)

    As our sensitivity increases during our breathing, we become more attuned to others’ emotions as well. I was feeling his pain very deeply throughout the entire session. He was very present and stayed with us the whole time. It was overwhelming and made it difficult to focus on the session. I essentially spent the time sending him as much love as I could.

    But wait, there’s more, here is the juicy part of the story:

    The next morning, he came very briefly during our session and he was fine. We spoke on the phone that evening, and by then he was amazingly happy! Giddy, silly, laughing, joking the whole time we talked. I have rarely known him in such good spirits! When we met later, I asked what had made him so happy that day; his only answer was “I just felt like being happy”. Evidently, he is not consciously aware of what happened that day, but his soul knew then that in our group he would find solace and comforting. He came to connect, not just with me but with everyone, to drink from the ‘fountain of love’ that we were spinning, and he was satisfied. Not just satisfied, elated!

    I want to share this story with all of you, because we need to understand, to be aware, to know the incredible power that we claim as we reach those high frequencies, through transformational breathing or other modalities, into this amazing realm that we call LOVE.

    This is a question for you Judith: are there TB workshops designed specifically for children?

    P.S. How much longer are we going to wait before we decide to tear down this education system? And offer our children another kind of school where they will learn that they can have it all; that there is more to living on earth than getting a good education, so they can get a great job, so they can make a decent living, so they can buy a house and a nice car, so they can retire happy, so they can… what? Sébastien is not unique. How many more Sébastien’s, or Sarah’s, or Kevin’s, or Anna’s, or whoever they are, are we going to force into our antiquated molds of perceived right living before we let them fly with their own wings and BE the creative beings that they are?

    P.P.S. We all want to see all those 500+ pictures from the retreat. Inez has them on her computer but hasn’t had time to upload them. She is now leaving for another retreat in Washington. When she gets back, I promise I’ll catch her and hold her hostage until we get all the pics! Lol!

  5. Hello everyone,

    Any one doing the presence process? Enjoying it yet?

    I know I was glad I had strarted it before doing the seminar. I found it was a good introduction to strart working with the breath and a good preparation for the week we were all breathing together….

    I remember Judith discussed mouth vs nose breathing, but I can’t remember how she suggested doing the PProcess breathing sessions once we had opened our breathing as we did in the seminar. So…Is it mouth? …or nose.?..


  6. Hi everybody,

    I thought you might enjoy this:

    So many good memories…



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