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Rehab Breathing Sessions

For the past month-and-a-half a Breath colleague of mine, Juli Connolly, and I have had the opportunity to breathe the inpatients of the Three Hills Ranch Sober Living rehab program ( This is a program for alcohol and drug treatment, and as one can imagine the people that come there are really in need of finding some tools to help them to move forward and live a sober lifestyle. Our initial sessions with the Transformational Breathing technique have been met with much enthusiasm and success (through the grapevine I hear it is one of the facets of the program the patients like the most!).

While incorporating the breathing technique into the Three Hills Ranch rehab program is still in the beta stages, there has undoubtedly been progress in each session for the patients. Just beginning by closing our eyes and taking a few deep centering breaths changes the energy in the room almost instntly. And after a full Transformational Breath session, the patients can’t wait to share their individual experiences.

What is most rewarding to me is that I feel that teaching them this awareness of the breath is giving them one of the most profound tools they can have for helping themselves through trying periods in their future lives–whether an emotional upheaval or physical reaction. By having the experience of what the breath can do for them, they are more likely to use it to regulate the ups-and-downs in their lives when they have nowhere else to turn.

And in reality, the patients of this rehab program aren’t much different than the rest of us; perhaps only in the degree to which they have allowed their circumstances to take them into a tailspin. Don’t we all get into downward spirals at times? And the degree to which we go down is largely a result of how many tools for coping we have been able to learn along the way, and how effective each of those tools is. Fortunately for all of us, our breath is always with us and we can use it instantly whenever trials become overwhelming to find immediate relief.

I would love to do more of this kind of work, because the patients seem to get so much out of it. Either they are just ready to face thier ‘stuff’, or they have no other choice. Who can direct me to other rehab centers that are willing to budget in new progressive and effective methods of wellness training?


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