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I went to help mentor Judith Kravitz at the Transformational Breathing, Level IV part 3 Training this afternoon. Judith made the call to have me breathe instead of assist during the daily group breathing session; I was ambivalent—I felt OK and didn’t think I saw the ‘need’ to breathe. She must have known something I didn’t because this session was one of the most intense breathing experiences I have had in a long time.

I went into the session with the intention, “I set aside my personal agenda for the will of Spirit.” What came out at the end was that my true role is to facilitate group synergy with my energy. By this I mean that I am meant to be in groups and to create a harmonizing energy by setting aside my agenda and tuning in with the group so that I can act and send out energy in such a way as to be a catalyst for the group to realize its collective potential on an energetic level.

What kind of group workshop series’ would you as an interested (and interesting) readers be enthusiastic about creating?

One workshop I would like to create is to have a music listening group experience, which has a breath session together with listening to a different album (brought to the group by a member?) each week, then a discussion of the music and the listening/breathing experience afterwards. Sound and its powers is such a fascination to me that I think a lot could be revealed while experimenting with it during the breathing process.

In fact, a friend of mine and fellow facilitator of the breath, Tim Glynn, played for me recently some healing chants from a sound healer named Tom Kenyon. I was amazed at the realizations of the power of sound energy that came through me while listening to—experiencing, rather—the incredible vocal tones of this healer, tuned into the Universal Vibration. So lets have a series of group sessions listening to these CD’s and breathing in saturation of healing sonic vibration!


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