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Purpose of this blog

R. Christian Minson, Transformational Breath Facilitator and Wellness CoachI have begun the communication into cyberspace! It is an honor to have this communication with you, who have come with a desire to know something more in particular about the breath and breathing. This blog serves many purposes on a personal as well as service level.

On a personal level, this blog is a manifestation of coming to understand my purpose and special gift to share with the world, for the betterment of humanity as a whole through improving the wellness of the individual–specifically through awareness of the breath and its uses as a tool for improving the human condition and opening the pathways to full connection with the spiritual dimensions of Life.

As far as service to you and others, this blog is intened to provide:

  • Thoughts and musings on what breath means to me over my 14-year focus on the phenomena of breathing; and what the breath means to the clients I serve though breathing techniques and make exemplary improvement in all-around well-being (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual) on a weekly basis.
  • Information on the latest world developments regarding the breath and it’s capacity to heal the physical and mental/emotional bodies, and open a greater connection to the spiritual bodies.
  • Links to nationwide/worldwide workshops, seminars, and trainings on using the breath as a healing tool, and facilitators who can serve individual needs to the end of healing old issues and embracing a new, more positive mode of living and feeling/thinking.
  • Reviews of products related to breathing and emotional wellness, and links to where to buy.

To this end I currently welcome any comments, suggestions, and/or questions that steer the interest of where this information resource might lead. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship in communication around the breath!

R. Christian Minson, CBF

Founder, Breathflow Healing & Wellness (

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Wellness Coach


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